New WordPress Plugin: Send System Info


When providing support for WordPress do you waste time going back and forth with the client asking for information about their website? Information like versions of WordPress, PHP and MySQL, as well as configuration of each can be invaluable to diagnosing a problem quickly and accurately.

After some work with the team on the Stream Plugin, I realized the need for users to easily gather information about their site’s configuration. This idea gave birth to the Send System Info Plugin for WordPress.

This plugin not only displays the site information, it allows the user to send this data to you in three forms:

  1. A downloadable plain text document, handy for archiving for later comparison
  2. An email generated within the plugin
  3. A URL that allows secure remote viewing of this data

My favorite feature of this plugin is the remote viewing URL, which points to a plain text page of the site information. The cool thing is that this URL can be regenerated, wiping out access to those who have the previous URL.

This is especially handy for posting site information in support forums, where you have no contact email address with those providing support, like the Support Forums. This link can be posted to the forums, and when you are done getting the support you need, simply regenerate the URL and later visitors to the forum will have no access to your information. This is a much more secure method of getting help than simply writing your server information into the forum.

I’ve had some great help from Frankie Jarrett and Luke Carbis and Pippin Williamson on Send System Info. You can help out, too! I have a GitHub repo available at, and contributions are always welcome. I want this plugin to be as useful as possible for the WordPress community.

I invite you to download Send System Info and give it a test run. I think you’ll be surprised at how much information is available, as well as it’s simplicity and how easy it is to use. Give it a shot!

8 thoughts on “New WordPress Plugin: Send System Info

  1. Hey John. I just want to say, “Awesome job!” on this plugin. I’m a plugin developer myself, and as you well know, tech support can be a headache without the relevant technical info available form the user. This is a fantastic new tool to help with that. I will be recommending it every time I work on a tech support issue from now on with one of my plugins. Thanks for your work on this, my friend. 🙂

  2. @John

    May I embed this in my plugin as a “library”? The reason, I’d like to skip the step of having to ask the user to install something. I haven’t looked at the code yet, but I’d have to include my plugin specific system info. If the necessary filters aren’t in place, I can add them and send as a pull request in Github.

    • Of course you can, Steven! It’s all GPL, so you can do whatever you like with it. Recently I added an action to the end of the form called ‘ssi_extra_info’ that will allow you to append your stats to the plugin. Best of luck!

      • Yeah, I know it’s GPL, still courteous to ask. Like i mentioned, I have looked at the code yet, but would you be able to pull requests on Github of any changes that might be necessary to implement this as a “library” rather than a plugin. It’d be nice to be able to take advantage of any further development too.

  3. Hey John…I just wanted to leave some more positive feedback for you. Your plugin actually helped me discover a security vulnerability in another plugin. I wasn’t even looking for security vulnerabilities at the time. It was a client site we were working on. I noticed on the Send System Info page that this particular plugin in question had changed the PHP Session Save Path to a subdirectory of the plugin (a very insecure place for that to be…should never be below the web root or session hijacking and Heartbleed-like shenanigans can ensue). Seeing that alarmed me. I checked the plugin code and found where it was changing this. It turns out two other plugins by the same author had the same insecure code. So nice going, adding that. I’m telling you…this plugin is good stuff…I tell everyone to use it. 🙂 Have a good one!

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