Adding a Custom Front Page in WordPress


Reading Settings - Click for Larger

By default, WordPress displays “The Loop”, or most recent posts on the front page of any website. But what if you don’t want all of your recent posts on your front page? How do you change that?

There are two ways to set a custom front page, the basic way and the Razzle-Dazzle Method.

The Basic Way

Of course, there’s the easy way to set your front page is to go to Settings > Reading then change “Front Page displays” to “A static page.” From there you can select a WordPress page you’ve already created that will serve as your home page.

The Razzle-Dazzle Method

The more advanced way is to create a new file called front-page.php and upload it into your theme’s folder. WordPress will then skip over index.php and use front-page.php as your home.

Why Use The Advanced Method?

The ability to substitute a PHP file as your homepage allows you to have control over more than just the content on the page. Maybe you want a special sidebar on your home page, or maybe you don’t want any. With this trick you can override the basic look of your theme without hacking up your Loop PHP file (index.php).

From the WordPress Codex.

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